Maintain your summer glow through autumn

Maintain your summer glow through autumn main image

With Autumn on the way we’ve started to notice people swapping their summer pink shades for deeper tones, and their lightweight formulas for ones with extra nourishment. But cooler weather doesn’t mean we have to abandon all we love about summer. Here’s some all-natural advice for keeping that sun-kissed glow a little longer. Nip sun damage in the bud  While there’s less risk of getting sunburned in Autumn (remember there’s never no risk), do a little bit of damage control by applying an ultra-hydrating face mask with vitamin E, which will help skin heal itself. Sea 2 Skin’s Active Hydration Face Mask packs a hydrating punch of high quality, affordable and results-driven beauty. It feels luxurious to apply and will help to restore, hydrate and soften your skin. Your skin will be left feeling rejuvenated and nourished with a radiant glow (equally great for the cooler months when we are in and out of wind and heating). Oh, and then, for that extra boost you cannot look past the luxury active ingredients in Morgan Annie’s Brightening Serum which not only help to even out skin pigmentation but is is also formulated with aloe vera, which is especially healing, nourishing and gentle after sun exposure. Dry brushing  We love dry brushing for its ability to flush excess fluids and toxins out of the body through the lymphatic system, and it is a great tool to improve circulation and lightly exfoliate the skin to improve cell regeneration. We use the Meeka Natural Sisal Body Brush ($26) and work it in gentle motions towards the heart each morning before a shower. It is the perfect way to start the day. We find that if we hang it next to the shower, you’ll see it before you jump in and won't forget before turning on the taps! Start at your ankles and brush upwards, following the direction of the blood flow. You'll see firmer, rejuvenated skin within days. If you are a visual person - here is a great YouTube video to help get you started. Bronzer  With the help of some strategically-placed bronzer, you can look sun-kissed in minutes. We love to dust a thin veil of bronzer across the forehead, bridge of the nose, temples, cheeks, chin, down the neck and across the shoulders. Some of our favourites include Kylie’s Professional vegan Golden Sun Body Shimmer. We just love sweeping it across our décolletage, arms and legs to give that chic bronzed glow. Dust tmf.’s Flawless Mineral Bronzer lightly across the places where the sun naturally hits your face .. this is our go to bronzer as it is perfect for every skin complexion and gives a perfect sun-kissed hue without looking muddy… For extra radiance, finish your look with Inika’s Mineral Illuminisor - the perfect highlight on the cheekbones, nose and cupids bow. It’s sheer and not at all glittery, so the glow looks natural – as if your skin is glowing from within! Maintain your tan  If you look great with a tan, it’s logical you’ll want to extend that look as long as you can! We love the Luna Bronze Self-Tanning Moisturiser ($26), which is designed for everyday use. The best thing about this product is it has 99% certified organic ingredients, smells divine and not like a self tan at all (yay!) The nourishing and hydrating oils actually replenish your skin as they build up your colour. Ethique, the gorgeous, eco-sustaining pioneers from NZ have also created the world’s first self-tanning bar ($45). This bar glides on, smells delicious and is streak-free. You know, while we all love time in the sun, we also love that there are so many great natural skin care products available locally that not only give us that bronzed beauty glow all year long, but also help fight sun damage, free-radicals, as they nourish and protect our skin through the dryer months as well. Image Credit: TMF. The Makeup Factory