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A few of my favourite things…

A few of my favourite things… main image

On June 21st we were lucky enough to experience a stunning winter solstice here in the Southern Hemisphere – marked with an incredible full moon that lit up the night with milky white magic. The mornings are cool and the days clear, the wind clean and the skies brilliant blue (most days). Winter is truly being felt in all her glorious beauty. Which makes me think how lucky I am to rug up in a warm jacket, slip on cosy socks and drink spicy teas. Winter is the traditional season to embrace rest, reflection and gentle rituals that nourish and embrace the mind, body and soul. For me - a self-confessed child of the north… north Queensland that is, this time of year always catches me ridiculously off-guard. I go from prancing around in singlets and sandals to a crouching, shell-shocked mess under the doona in the morning… It takes me a few weeks to truly embrace the gentle treasures only found in the cooler months. The whispering invitations of self-care and rest: Warms soups with fresh vegetables and crunchy sourdough. Delightful and audacious scarves wrapped up and tucked high - just peeping out of jackets. Furry, eclectic beanies matched only by outrageously colourful boots. Which leads me onto slippers! … My dear old friends we reacquaint our selves but once a year for a glorious, cosy rendezvous of warm toes and gentle padding down the hallway. Naturally I have saved the best for last… hot baths and body oils… the moment you slowly edge your way into a steaming hot, fragrant pool of sweet relaxation.  The smell, the ripples, the gentle drip of the tap… Let's be honest there is also a fair bit of background noise in my house with two kids… but nothing compares to the sweet isolation of a bath for one… okay, okay – … bath for two if its Friday night and the kids are in bed… Happy winter-warmers my friends, I hope you get a chance to indulge in the seasons best.