You don't have to show the world that you are good.

You don't have to show the world that you are good. main image

This really resonates with me. As humans we tend to crave validation, but I found this need for constant validation was quietly undermining my ability to start something new and to make meaningful change in my life… It was even affecting the personal joy and satisfaction that I was able to achieve from starting a new activity/routine. You won’t find this on my Facebook or on my Instagram feed.. but I care deeply about what goes on our skin, our bodies and in landfill, waterways even on the side of the road. What you also don’t see on social media is that I don’t walk past rubbish if I can help it, I spend countless hours researching products (including clean beauty products) that are not only good for me and my family but also contribute as little to non-recyclable waste as possible. I have actively reduced the size of my home and the waste we produce as a family. This is my pact with life, I don’t know really when it started, I think more than that it has evolved.. as much as we as a nation have evolved from those days back in the 1980’s of Clean Up Australia. I am much more aware of the amount and type of rubbish my family and I generate before we even get to the clean up part. This is my way of holding myself accountable. As I mature, I understand that I don’t need or want to compare my list to yours, I truly believe in most cases, we are all doing the best we can with knowledge we have. Whether you succeed, change your mind or try numerous times remember that you have nothing to prove. Take joy from the process, it is your life, your decisions. You really don’t need that obligatory pat on the head and I wager you will be happierand feel more connected to your purpose without it. Making meaningful changes in your life is engaging, life affirming, fun and just plain sexy. Lean into change on your own terms, there is no one way. You don’t have to show the world that you are good!