Making Rituals. Everyday.

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Immerse yourself in the creation of personal ritual. Attention to ritual and rhythm will help you become aware of the cycles which are already present in your life. Consciously creating ritual is significant. It is claiming your space with the intention of creating positive, life affirming rhythm.

Ritual is entirely about you, time you have given yourself, setting you up for the day or the night. Rituals can be found in all cultures across the globe. Ritual allows you to really experience the moment, rather than rushing forwards, mindlessly distracted and letting life and events dictate your actions.

Consciously creating great rituals can have major positive impacts on our lives and easily lead to great habits.

For example, taking the time to rise early will give you time to exercise in the morning, once done you don’t have find time later in the day or spend time with your family, nourish your body with good food; perhaps meditate.

Incorporating a good hygiene routine (and skin ritual) will give you confidence and is a powerful reminder you will be ready for the day and just the simple act of putting everything back in it place, will save you time and keep you focused.

Use ritual to elevate the daily rhythm of life to a new level, one which you purposely created, a true expression of your intention.

Allowing in and notice the sacred in the everyday.

Beautiful night time rituals can strengthen bonds between couples and families, weave stability and security into childhood, lead to a good night sleep or give you the space, time and coping strategies to deal effectively with stress.

Ritual has the power to shape our life, you are what you do.